Recommendations for a reviewer

Recommendations for a reviewer of an article sent to Potato and Vegetables journal

  1. A review is the result of article analysis and evaluation by an independent expert. A review should not be formal. The reviewer is recommended to check the compliance of the article with the requirements below.
  2. Abstract reflects the specific results of research involving digital data (to show the relevance of the topic is not the task of the abstract).
  3. Introduction bases the relevance of the topic and reflects the degree of its study in the literature.
  4. The article has a specifically formulated purpose. This point should be given special attention, since the scheme, results and conclusions must be fully consistent with the purpose of the research.
  5. The methodological section is written correctly. The research conditions (geographical location, soil characteristics, agro-climatic conditions during the research period) are reflected. References to all methodological sources are given, the scheme of experiment corresponds to the purpose and is correct methodically (for example, in experiments with pesticides along with control variant must contain a standard variant, etc.).
  6. The presented results correspond to the scheme and purpose of research. They are mathematically processed. If the experience is two-factor, then the assessment of the materiality of particular differences is given. The data presented in the tables are analyzed to identify patterns, not simply described the contents of the tables.
  7. The conclusions are specific, contain digital material, strictly correspond to the purpose stated in the article and reflect the results of the research.
  8. The bibliography is correct. Publisher, pages, years of publication are indicated.
  9. Information about the authors is given in full (surname, name, patronymic, position, academic degree, e-mail, place of work) in Russin and in English.

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, professor
V.I. Leunov