Journal history

The journal became a successor of Orchard and Vegetable Garden journal, which had been coming out since 1862.

In the December (1959) Orchard and Vegetable Garden issue was published the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR to establish two editions on the basis of the journal: Potato and Vegetables, Gardening.

Since 1960, the journal has published as Potato and Vegetables. Over the years, it won respect and deserved popularity of his readers: scientists, employees of research institutes, students, heads of farms, specialists, foremen, amateurs of vegetable gardening. On its pages as in a mirror the history of development of domestic potato and vegetable growing, the greenhouse industry with their problems, recessions and rises were reflected.

In the November 2014 editorial board of Potato and Vegetables has received from The Russian Book Chamber the official confirmation of a reorganization of the Orchard and Vegetable Garden journal, as a result of which since 1960 publishing of Potatoes and Vegetables and Gardening journals has began.

Some pages of Orchard and Vegetable Garden journal (turn over the pages)

The journal promotes all new, progressive. It helps to assimilate the experience of the best farms, greenhouse enterprises, which with good labour organization and skillful application of technology obtain good yields of high-quality produce. Subscribers and readers of the journal learn about new technologies, machines and devices; highly productive cultivars and hybrids; methods of seed production; effective ways of plant protection.

Последний номер журнала"Сад и огород"

The latest issue of the Orchard and Vegetable Garden journal

Третья обложка декабрьского номера «Сад и огород» за 1959 г. с решением о создании «Картофель и овощи»

The third cover of the December issue of Orchard and Vegetable Garden journal in 1959 with the decision to establish Potato and Vegetables journal

What technology and what conditions under to choose, what to take into account? Growers always find answers to all these questions on the pages of our journal.

In the late 80-es of XX century industrial Astrakhan technology developed by scientists VNIIOB was of great interest to vegetable growers. It allowed to mechanize vegetable growing to a greater extent. A series of detailed articles with recommendations, published in several issues of the journal, helped machine operators to master this technology over large areas.

The journal provided significant assistance in the formation and development of the greenhouse industry. On its materials more than one generation of experts of this branch was trained. Life demanded improvement of technology, introduction of new cultivars and hybrids, and the journal gave the newest information: about energy-saving low-volume hydroponics, new types of substrates, drip irrigation, the most rational schemes of reconstruction of greenhouses, etc.

Первый журнал под названием"Картофель и овощи"

The first Potato and Vegetables issue

The editorial board has always taken a proactive stance, organized round tables, where participants discussed the most topical problems of industries, published critical and problem articles, sets of data on the most pressing issues: how to better meet the needs of the population in vegetable production, to expand its product range, improve quality and reduce nitrate content; how to improve the system of potato seed growing, to establish the accelerated multiplication of healthy planting material, to protect the crop from late blight and other diseases, pests and weeds; to reduce losses at harvest and during storage.

Potatoes and vegetables are very labour-intensive crops. Therefore, mechanization issues run through all the journal issues. The journal has repeatedly published appeals of participants of the Republican meetings of vegetable growers to the Russian Government to accelerate the production of a complex of machines for growing, harvesting and post-harvest refinement of potatoes and vegetables. As a result, effective measures were taken on these problems.

The new design of the journal (turn over the pages)

The content of the journal was largely determined by its authors: scientists, breeders, seed growers, economists, specialists in greenhouse industry, plant protection, construction people, farm managers, machine operators. On the pages of the journal published their papers such outstanding scientists as A.G. Lorch, V.I. Edelshtein, B.V. Kvasnikov, P.I. Alsmik, A.Ya. Kameraz, D.D. Brezhnev, N.A. Dorozhkin, G.V. Boos, E.I. Ushakova, A.I. Tamman, P.F. Sokol, I.I. Leonov, L.S. Bakulev, V.A. Vitenko, G.L. Bondarenko, G.I. Tarakanov, I.A. Veselovsky, I.K. Shaumyan, H.C. Batsanov, N.A. Kostselecky, A.A. Holmkvist, O.V. Yurina and others.

They are replaced by young people, whom the editorial board actively attracts to cooperation. Many authors remain loyal to the journal in today’s difficult time.

For more than 50 years, more than one generation of editors of the journal has changed. All these years, knowledgeable, highly qualified editors have worked at editorial staff. The first editor was V.V. Payatsyk. He was replaced by L.Z. Alekseev (1964-1975), after him A.G. Starikov (1975-1985) was editor. Since 1985 the journal was headed by S.I. Sanina, and since 2013 the editor-in-chief is Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, professor V.I. Leunov.

Справка из Российской книжной палаты

A certificate from the Russian Book Chamber

Journal awards

In 2014, the journal was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation for its professional approach in coverage of achievements in the development of potato and vegetable production and for its active position in informing readers about the activities of the Agro-Industrial complex of Russia.байер кио 11_2017005

In 2017, at the Golden Autumn exhibition, the editorial board received a diploma and a gold medal of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, “for a series of scientific and production publications on the development of vegetable and potato growing in the regions of the Russian Federation”.

байер кио 11_2017004



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