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The latest issue of the journal, 2  2020


Main topic

Leunov V.I., Konovalenko I.M. Protection of national plant breeding and vegetable crops seed production is the main task of AIRSC  p. 3

Work and decisions of AIRSC

Bagrov R.A. AIRSC: a work continues  p. 9

Information and analysis

Romanov T.S. Fruitful exchange of experience  p. 10

Pavlov K.K. Priorities for the development of the industry are identified p. 11


Autko A.A., Butov I.S. Vegetable growing of the Republic of Belarus p. 12

Leaders of the branch

Arustamov S.S., Sokolov V.S., Kokoev N.Sh. The constant leader p. 16

Masters of the branch

Chistik A.A. The reliable supplier p. 20

Vegetable growing

Zhangabaeva A.S., Saitova A.K., Gafurova L.A., Mavlyanova R.F. Jerusalem artichoke growing on salted soils of the south Aral sea region. p. 21

Breeding and seed growing

Kostenko G.A., Raevskii P.V. The best domestic hybrids of white cabbage for Mari El. p. 25

Seredin T.M., Shumilina V.V., Scherbakova N.A., Seliverstova A.P., Baranova E.V., Ushakova O.V., Marcheva M.M., Soldatenko A.V. Studying of cultivars and hybrids of onion the VIR collections in soil climatic conditions of the Astrakhan region. p. 28

Nikolaev V.A., Khokhlov N.F., Anisimov A.A., Tarakanov I.G.Agrobiological aspects of seed potato production with the multy-layer miscanthus biomass mulching. . p. 31

Simakov E.A., Anisimov B.V., Zhevora S.V., Mityushkin A.V., Zhuravlev A.A., Mityushkin Al-r V., Gaizatulin A.S. Current trends in breeding to improve nutritional value of potato tubers.. p. 35

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