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The latest issue of the journal, 12  2019


Information and analysis

A look to the future. I.S. Butov p. 2

What laws are needed? T.S. Romanov p. 4

Masters of the branch

Just don’t impede. I.S. Butov p. 6

Potato growing

Pink rot of potato is harmful for South regions of Russia. M.D. Erokhova, M.A. Kuznetsova p. 7

Influence of soil tillage system and methods of mineral fertilizers application on yield, quality of harvesting and storability of potatoes. S.V. Mal’tsev, V.N. Zeiruk, K.A. Pshechenkov,A.V. Smirnov p. 9


Current state of potato and vegetable growing in Irkutsk region.   N.I. Bol’sheshapova, I.N. Abramova, E.V. Boyarkin, S.P. Burlov p. 12

Vegetable growing

Plant and multifunctional silicon. I.G. Tarakanov, L.A. Panichkin, I.M. Konovalenko, E.D. Abrashkina p. 14

Promising rootstocks for increasing of tomato yield and quality in greenhouses. B.A. Karimov, E.E. Lyan, R.F. Mavlyanova, M.Kh. Aramov p. 17

The ping-pong effect of transatlantic bioinvasions (on the example of the South American tomato moth). K.A. Perevertin, V.I. Leunov, R.A. Bagrov, T.A. Vasil’ev p. 20

Application of modern mineral fertilizers PhosAgro on white cabbage. A.F. Pelii, L.N. Dubrovskikh, M.V. Sterkin, S.M. Nadezhkin p. 25

The effect of the growth regulator Lostor on the yield of garlic. A.V. Polyakov, T.V. Alekseeva, S.V. Loginov, P.A. Storozhenko p. 27

Study of okra cultivars growing in greenhouses of III light zone. A.V. Konstantinovich, V.I. Terekhova, M.E. Dyikanova p. 30

Breeding and seed growing

Results of selection of lettuce for use in small-scale production of the Rostov region. O.R. Davletbaeva, A.N. Khovrin, I.V. Barbaritskaya, M.G. Ibragimbekov p. 32

Testing of chicory in control nursery. O.M. V’yutnova, T.Yu. Polyanina, I.A. Novikova, V.I. Leunov, A.V. Kornev, R.R. Usmanov p. 34

Evaluation of promising potato hybrids for the conditions of the Irkutsk region. N.I. Bol’sheshapova, S.P. Burlov p. 36

Contents of the year

Contents 2019 p. 38


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