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The editorial team revives the good tradition of our journal: to tell to amateur vegetable growers about the secrets of rich harvests (In Russian).

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The latest issue of the journal, 9  2021


Main topic

Gasparyan I.N., Levshin A.G., Golubev I.G., Shchigolev S.V.,

Gasparyan Sh.V.

Technologies and machines for the production of potatoes p. 3


Kondratenko A.V.

Vegetable republic of Volga region p. 9

Leaders of the branch

Serova A.Yu.

“Where there be production, there be development…” p. 11

Serova A.Yu.

Field Day in Astrakhan region p. 13

Tretyakova A.A.

Floral richness of Yegoryevsk greenhouse enterprise p. 16

News p. 17

Vegetable growing

Timakova L.N., Sokolova L.M.

Storage of root crops at the summer period of cultivation in the conditions of the Moscow region p. 19

Surikhina T.N., Meshcheryakova R.A., Telegina G.A.

Features of vegetable production in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic p. 22

Potato growing

Novikov A.A.

Features of potato cultivation at drip irrigation in the Lower Volga region p. 28

Breeding and seed growing

Ognev V.V., Chernova T.V., Kostenko A.N., Barbaritskaya I.V.

Condition and promising directions of tomato selection for open ground of Russia p. 33

Startsev V.I., Startseva L.V., Glinushkin A.P.

Brussels sprouts seeds growing without mother plants transplanting in the conditions of the Moscow region p. 37

Our jubilees p. 40


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