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The editorial staff revives the good tradition of our journal: to tell to amateur vegetable growers about the secrets of rich harvests.

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The latest issue of the journal, 11  2019


Main topic

Organic vegetables are on the basis of nation health. S.A. Vodanyuk p. 2

Water bodies in rural areas and their use. O.N. Chernykh, N.V. Khanov p. 6

Masters of the branch

The main thing is to catch the balance. A.A. Chistik p. 12

Information and analysis

The productive autumn. A.A. Chistik, K.K. Pavlov p. 13

Vegetable growing

The South American tomato moth, Tuta absoluta Meyrick, is a new dangerous pest of tomato in the Rostov region of Russia. I.M. Mityushev, V.V. Ognev, E.I. Korsunov  p. 14

Summer crops of red beet in the south of Russia. L.A. Kuksa, A.N. Khovrin, L.N. Timakova p. 18

Tomatoes in southern Russia. T.V. Chernova, V.V. Ognev, E.I. Korsunov p. 20


Potato fields of Russia are waiting for quality seeds, new technologies and equipment. N.N. Kolchin, V.I. Leunov p. 24

Potato growing

The reaction of new potato varieties in compacting planting. A.E. Shabanov, A.I. Kiselev p. 29

The sound approach to the weeds control in potato plantations. S.Yu. Spiglazova p. 31

Breeding and seed growing

Sweet pepper – growth strategy. V.V. Ognev, T.V. Chernova, A.N. Kostenko, N.V. Geras’kina, N.A. Poltavskii p. 33

The new eggplant cultivar, Mech samuraya. N.V. Geras’kina p. 37

Cucumber in the South of Russia. L.A. Chistyakova, I.V. Barbaritskaya, O.V. Baklanova, A.N. Khovrin p. 38


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