№3, 2018 en


Main topic

Public-private partnership is the most effective way of development of the domestic seed production of vegetable crops. N.N. Klimenko P. 2


Hectares of the Kuzbass. Ks. Sidorova P. 6

Question–answer P. 9

News P. 10

Information and analysis

Poisk company: reaching new frontiers. K.B. Pekarskaya P. 13

Vegetable growing

Evaluation of the chemical composition of roots of monogerm form of red beet during selection for high nutritional quality. M.A. Dolgopolova, L.N. Timakova, A.N. Khovrin P. 14

Fertilizing of sweet pepper. V.A. Borisov, A.M. Men’shikh, V.S. Sosnov, G.F. Monakhos P. 16

Innovations from EuroChem company in action. M.V. Zvereva P. 18

Isolation and aggressiveness of pathogens Fusarium and Alternaria on carrot. L.M. Sokolova P. 21


Universal equipment for potato reprocessing. V.M. Alakin, S.A. Plakhov P. 25

Potato growing

NEST M for potato growers. V.V. Vakulenko P. 28

Uniform®: reduction of the harmfulness of a Pythium-induced potato rot. M.A. Kuznetsova, A.N. Rogozhin, T.I. Smetanina, V.N. Demidova, I.A. Denisenko, N.V.Statsyuk P. 30

Complex cultural practices for early potatoes. A.E. Shabanov, A.I. Kiselev P. 34

Breeding and seed growing

Evaluation of inbred lines of parthenocarpic cucumber fitness to disposable harvesting. A.A. Ushanov, D.S. Smirnova P. 37

A new lettuce cultivar Poisk St 16 for hydroponics. O.R. Davletbaeva, M.G. Ibragimbekov, A.N. Khovrin P. 39

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