Seed productivity of lobo radish

UDC 635.15: 635–153

Gaplaev M.Sh., Gutseriev I.A.

The results of studying the seed productivity of loba (Rafanus sativus subsp. sinensis convar. lobo Sazon. et Stankev), depending on the timing and sowing schemes for non-planting cultivation in the conditions of the North Caucasus are presented. Due to the growth of the areas of cultivation of lobo radish in the country, the need to solve the tasks of providing agricultural producers with seeds of domestic production, the needs for seeds of this crop in Russia are increasing. Seeds with high varietal and sowing qualities are one of the most important conditions for obtaining good yields of root vegetable crops. In connection with the great demand and the expansion of the area under the forehead in Russia, the need for high-quality seeds has increased both at the level of specialized farms and in home gardening. The purpose of the research is to develop effective techniques of loba radish seed technology adapted to the conditions of the North Caucasus. Field studies were carried out on the irrigated lands of the steppe zone of the Central part of the North Caucasus from 2017 to 2019 in the fields of the FGBNU «Chechen Research Institute of Agriculture». The scientific theme was developed in accordance with the thematic plan of research work of the Chechen Research Institute of Agriculture and is a section of the R&D theme No. 0741–2019–0003 «To develop scientifically grounded methods and principles for realizing the biological potential of commercial and seed productivity of vegetable crops in open and protected ground» In the conditions of the Chechen Republic, to obtain reproductive seeds by a direct method with high sowing qualities, the optimal sowing time is August 10, while for the mid-late variety Klyk Slona the optimal sowing pattern is 70×10 cm, for the mid-ripening variety Krasavitsa of the Moscow Region – 45×10 cm. for sowing for root crops, it is possible to obtain a non-stop method at low labor and cost costs. Non-transfer method of production of marketable seeds intended for growing root crops, allows you to save pesticides, irrigation water, and other material resources.

Key words: lobo radish; direct seed production, seeds

Gaplaev M.Sh. D.Sci (Agr.), chief research fellow. E-mail:

Gutseriev I.A., research fellow of vegetable growing department. Е-mail:

FSBSI Chechen research Institute of agriculture

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For citing: Gaplaev M. Sh., Gutseriev I.A. Seed productivity of lobo radish. Potato and vegetables. 2023. No8. Pp. 31-35. (In Russ.).

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