Carrots harvesting: reducing of labour expeditures and damageability

УДК 635.1:631.358

N.V. Romanovskii, I.I. Irkov

The analysis of labor costs on the technological operations included in the process of harvesting of root crops of carrots and recommendations for their reduction. The description of the construction of the trailer-container carrier, ensure the reduction of damage to products when being loaded into the containers in 1,8–2,0 times. Optimization of technological operations in the harvesting period allows to reduce labor costs for cleaning by at least 50% and bring them to 100–120 people-h/ha.

Keywords: carrots, labour costs, harvesting technology, container vehicle.

N.V. Romanovskii, senior research fellow, Institute of agrarian engineering and ecological problems of agriculturally production. E-mail:

I.I. Irkov, PhD, leading research fellow, ARRIVG – branch of Federal Scientific Centre of Vegetable Growing. E-mail:

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PDF (Rus)
For citing: Romanovskii N.V., Irkov I.I. Carrots harvesting: reducing of labour expeditures and damageability. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No7. Pp. 24-25.

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