The results of studies on the prevention of downy mildew of onions

UDC 635.1/8

I.I. Irkov, A.I. Denisenko, N.A. Gadzhikurbanov, A.B. Polezhaev

Presented three-year results of studies on the prevention of downy mildew of onion in annual crop using rhizosphere bacteria drugs Extrasol, Azotovit, Fosfatavit together with humates and fungicides. The authentic efficiency of the experimental variants relative to the control with a yield of 70.0–80.0 t/ha in epiphytotic condition.

Keywords: onion-turnip, fungous diseases, epiphytoty, immunity, rhizosphere bacteria, humates, fungicides.

I.I. Irkov, PhD, leading research fellow, ARRIVG-branch of FSBSI Federal Scientific Vegetable Center. E-mail:

A.I. Denisenko, executive director «ATI» LLC. E-mail:

N.A. Gadzhikurbanov, agronomist-consultant «ATI» LLC. E-mail:

A.B. Polezhaev, manager «Neoport» LLC. E-mail:

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Irkov I.I., Denisenko A.I., Gadzhikurbanov N.A., Polezhaev A.B. The results of studies on the prevention of downy mildew of onions. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No1. Pp. 19-21.

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