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Editorial P. 2

Main topic

Potato bacterial pathogens in Russia. A.N. Ignatov, Yu.S. Panycheva, M.V. Voronina, F.S. Dzhalilov  P. 3


Nizhny Novgorod region: achievements and prospects. A.I. Morozov P. 8

Masters of the branch

Size is not important – quality is important. I.S. Butov P. 11

News P. 12

Question – answer  P. 13

Vegetable growing

Cucumber in South of Russia: diversity of technologies and hybrids. I.V. Timoshenko, V.V. Ognev P. 15

Efficiency of superabsorbents in growing of root crops on boghara. Yu.A. Bykovskii, M.I. Azopkov, S.V. Fefelova D.S. Akimov, R.A. Bagrov P. 18

Disinfection of cabbage seeds from black rot. A.T. Orynbaev, F.S. Dzhalilov P. 23

Potato growing

Agronomical efficiency of Dutch technology of potato cultivation. Coy Camassu, A.V. Shuravilin, O.A. Zakharova P. 26

Predatory bugs in system of control of viral infections in seed potato. I.M. Pazyuk, T.S. Fominykh, K.D. Medvedeva P. 29

Breeding and seed growing

Obtaining a source of squash for breeding maternal lines of female flowering type. S.V. Kuz’min, A.V. Medvedev, A.F. Buкharov P. 31

Breeding of cucumber for open field. V.G. Vysochin, V.I. Leunov, Yu.V. Bortsova P. 34

Life is short – we must hurry. V.I. Burenin P. 39

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