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Main topic

The contribution of Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in the modern Russian agrarian education. G.D. Zolina P. 2

Potato growing as one of the priority directions of the Federal Scientific and Technical Program for the Development of Agriculture for 2017–2025. E.V. Zhuravleva, S.V. Fursov P. 6


Kabardino-Balkaria: the innovative potential. A.K. Ezaov P. 10

Vegetable growing

Cibol Long Tokyo cultivar in a one-year culture in the Moscow region. O.R. Davletbaeva, A.N. Khovrin,  M.G. Ibragimbekov P. 13

Perspective preparations for incrustation of root crops seeds. Yu.A. Bykovskii, A.V. Yanchenko, M.I. Azopkov, V.S. Golubovich, S.V. Fefelova, R.A. Bagrov P. 16

Chicory – promising raw materials for the production of original beverages. V.A. Polyakov, I.M. Abramova, S.S. Morozova, N.E. Golovacheva, V.P. Ledenev, V.V. Kononenko, M.V. Turshatov, A.O. Solov’ev, N.A. Karpova, A.V. Kornev, O.M. V’yutnova, V.I. Leunov P. 20

Potato growing

BAYER: new standards of plant protection. Ya.A. Vlasova P. 25

International experience of Boxer herbicide use. O.A. Voblova P. 26

Spicy and medicinal plants

Quality of essential oil of Mentha longifolia. E.L. Malankina, O.M. Savchenko, L.N. Kozlovskaya P. 29


Potato digger with rotary separating surface. V.M. Alakin, G.S. Nikitin P. 32

Breeding and seed growing

Breeding of shallots in the northeast of Russia. E.A. Shilyaeva P. 35

New hybrids of domestic cherrytype selection and cocktail with group resistance to diseases. E.V. Titova, N.F. Ten’kova, R.A. Bagrov, T.A. Tereshonkova P. 37

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