№6, 2018 en

Main topic

Processing of vegetables in Russia: present time and future. Sh.V. Gasparyan, S.A.Maslovskii P. 2

Information and analysis

Farmers are support of the state.A.V. Kornev P. 7

Masters of the branch

Don’t hurt yourself then you’ll not hurt others. I.S. Butov. P. 8

Leaders of the branch

At enviable pace. A.A. Chistik. P. 9

Vegetable growing

Imperator: a new cultivar of dill. A.N. Khovrin, O.R. Davletbaeva, M.G. Ibragimbekov P. 12

Water-soluble NPK fertilizer are a balanced mineral complex in each drop. P. 15


Cum-ridger for motor cultivators. S.A. Plakhov, V.M. Alakin. P. 17

Potato growing

When the iron is not enough. D.A. Gorobets P. 19

Potato protection according to maximum program. Ya.A. Vlasova P. 21

Comparative field trial of samples of original seed potatoes. B.V. Anisimov, S.N. Zebrin, E.A. Simakov, A.V. Mityushkin, A.A. Meleshin, A.A. Zhuravlev P. 23

Biochemical indicators of potato tubers in the Middle Amur Region. S.V. Rafal’skii, O.M.Rafal’skaya, T.V. Mel’nikova P. 27

Breeding and seed growing

New heterotic hybrid of tomato. R.Kh. Bekov, S.V. Maksimov, A.N. Kostenko P. 29

Bianka – new cultivar of summer radish. M.A. Kosenko,A.N. Khovrin P. 31

New hybrids of cucumber in Transnistrian Moldovan Republic. E.A. Shulyak, V.F. Gorokhovskii P. 33

Digital morphometry of vegetable seeds heterogeneity. F.B. Musaev, N.S. Priyatkin, M.V. Arkhipov, P.A. Shchukina, A.F. Bukharov, M.I. Ivanova P. 35

Carrots with various colouring of root crops for making of snack products. N.A. Piskunova, A.V. Kornev, P.D. Osmolovskii,S.L. Ignat’eva P. 38

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