№8, 2018 en

Main topic

Biological preparations against plant diseases. F.S. Dzhalilov P. 2

Information and analysis

Russian farmers choose domestic cucumber hybrids. I.S. Butov P. 6

Leaders of the branch

The new level of development. A.A. Chistik P. 8

Cyprus Breeding Centre is open. A.A. Chistik P. 10

Masters of the branch

It is one thing to say and another to do. I.S. Butov P. 12

Vegetable growing

Growing radish for clustered products in the Moscow region. D.A. Yanaeva, A.N. Khovrin P. 14

Herbicides on cabbage under direct seeds sowing. N.I. Bernaz, I.I. Irkov P. 17

Potato growing

Late blight of potato and program for its control. D.A. Belov, A.V. Khyutti P. 19

Effectiveness of potato growing in agricultural organizations of Kostroma region. D.G. Gvazava, L.A. Khomutova, L.M. Isaeva P. 23

Breeding and seed growing of potato in the Kamchatka Territory. N.I. Ryakhovskaya, T.P. Sherstyukova, M.L. Gamolinа P. 26

Breeding and seed growing

Gertsoginya F1 hybrid is the best domestic hybrid for supermarkets and hypermarkets. G.A. Kostenko P. 29

Results of vegetable turnip breeding for the non-Chernozem zone. Yu.V. Gerasimova P. 31

Device for cultivation of red beet seed plants. A.V. Yanchenko, A.G. Gabdullin, M.I. Azopkov, V.S. Golubovich, S.V. Fefelova P. 33

Influence of the temperature on the variability of the melon seed production. N.A. Eliseeva P. 35

High sowing quality of vegetable seeds is the basis of import substitution in the agrarian and industrial complex of the Russian Federation. L.V. Startseva P. 37

Parthenocarpic hybrids of cucumber for growing in spring-summer greenhouses in the conditions of second light zone (Kirov). E.L. Makarova, Yu.V. Bortsova, O.V. Baklanova, L.A. Chistyakova P. 39


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