Siliplant in the cucumber protection system against powdery mildew

UDC 635.633:661.162.6

Alexeeva К.L., Smetanina L.G. en

Powdery mildew is a dangerous disease of protected ground cucumber that causes significant crop losses, especially in conditions of epiphytotic development. The causative agent of powdery mildew is Oidium erysiphoides Fr. It is able to quickly form races that are resistant to the applied fungicides, so alternative means of protection are important, among which the most famous are preparations based on rapeseed oil (rapsol, rapsol-extra), mineral salts (potassium phosphite, potassium bicarbonate, calcium nitrate), preparations based on bioactive silicon. The article presents the results of testing the silicon-containing fertilizer Siliplant against cucumber powdery mildew in the conditions of film greenhouses in the Moscow region on a natural infectious background. Research was conducted on Vyaznikovsky hybrid cucumber. Plants were treated by spraying when the first symptoms of powdery mildew were seen and then it was done at intervals of 10 days. The scheme of the experiment included different consumption rates of Siliplant (0.8; 1.0; 1.2 l/ha) and Siliplant in combination with Farmayod (0.02%). Variant without treatment served as the control, the standard-treatment – spraying of Topaz fungicide (1 l/ha). It was found that at the rate of Siliplant consumption of 1.0–1.2 l/ha, the development of cucumber powdery mildew decreases by 65.3–68.1% compared to the control. The tank mixture of Siliplant and Farmayod (0.02%) increased the biological efficiency of treatments to 76.8%. Under the influence of treatments, there was an increase in cucumber yield by 8.5–17.0% compared to the control. The use of Siliplant in the norm of 1.0–1.2 l/ha increases the content of vitamin C and sugars in cucumber fruits by 19.6–22.5% and 41.7-53.0%, respectively. The results obtained allow us to conclude that Siliplant can be used as an element of a complex system for protecting cucumbers from powdery mildew. The most effective protection means from powdery mildew was provided by processing Siliplant on cucumber plants at a rate of 1.2 l/ha with the addition of farmayod (0.02%).

Key words: silicon-containing fertilizer Siliplant, cucumber, film greenhouses, powdery mildew, plant protection

Alexeeva K.L., Doctor Sci. (Agr.), chief research fellow, All-Russian Research Institute of Vegetable Growing – a branch of Federal Scientific Centre of Vegetable Growing (ARRIVG – a branch of FSBSI FSCVG). E-mail:

Smetanina L.G., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), senior research fellow, ARRIVG – a branch of FSBSI FSCVG. E-mail:

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For citing: Alexeeva К.L., Smetanina L.G. Siliplant in the cucumber protection system against powdery mildew // Potato and vegetables. 2020. No5. Pp. 25-27. (In Russ.).


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