№11, 2021en


Main topic

Derbenskii V.I.

Russia needs a program to develop the breeding and seed growing of vegetable crops p. 3

Information and analysis

Tretyakova A.A.

Golden Autumn – 2021 p. 5

Leaders of the branch

Korytin S.S.

The best from Poisk company p. 6

Asaturova A.M., Kremneva O.Yu., Nekoval’ S.N.

Ecologically safe tomato protection from diseases  p. 8

Serova A.Yu.

The pathway to a healthy nutrition p. 9

Tretyakova A.A.

New agreement, new plans p. 10

Tyutyuma N.V.

The course for import substitution p. 11

Tretyakova A.A.

Poisk and Dagestan: developing cooperation p. 12

Vegetable growing

Zhevnova N.A., Gyrnets E.A., Tsygichko A.A., Astakhov M.M., Sidorov N.M.

Influence of seed treatment with microbiological preparations and growth regulators on biometric characteristics of tomato plants p. 13

Yanchenko A.V., Menshikh A.M., Azopkov M.I., Golubovich V.S., Fedosov A.Yu.

Cleaning of vegetable seeds on a pneumatic sorting table p. 18


Koroleva S.V.

Economic evaluation of growing sweet pepper for processing p. 22

Potato growing

Mardanshin I.S.

Improvement of the selection method for potato breeding for resistance to the Colorado potato beetle p. 25

Gasparyan I.N., Levshin A.G., Dyikanova M.E., Deniskina N.F., Smurov S.I.

The use of microbiological fertilizers in planting early potatoes in the Belgorod region p. 30

Breeding and seed growing

Tereshonkova T.A., Bagrov R.A., Fomicheva M.G.,

Tenkova N.F., Titova E.V., Egorova A.A.

Tomato hybrids with complex resistance for ground greenhouses p. 34

Kornev A.V., Khovrin A.N., Sokolova L.M., Kosenko M.A.

Analysis of varieties and hybrids of carrots for juice yield p. 38

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