UDC 635–153

Leunov V.I., Konovalenko I.M.

The Association unites more than 20 organizations that provide the production and sale of seeds of vegetable, melon and flower crops for the professional and amateur markets in the amount of 70-90 % of their total demand in Russia. The AIRSC includes private breeding and seed companies (both Russian and foreign), as well as state scientific institutions. It takes an active part in the discussion of new legislative initiatives and initiatives to amend the existing RLA. The Association's activities are also aimed at solving a wide range of problems related to the infringement of the rights and legitimate interests of economic entities. Among them are the following: issues related to the work of breeding institutions, the development of elite seed production, seed refinement, and the sale of final products. The Board of Directors and the Secretariat of the AIRSC, in accordance with the decisions of the General Meeting of the AIRSC and the Decisions of the Board of Directors, constantly implemented a set of measures to transform domestic seed production into a modern industry that develops on the latest technologies in the conditions of modern market relations. The formation in Russia of a modern legal framework for the seed production of agricultural plants, primarily vegetable, flower, ornamental, lawn grasses, a civilized market for vegetable seeds in Russia, and the integration of breeding achievements into the world seed industry. With the participation of representatives of the Association, two important federal laws were prepared and signed by the President. These two Federal Laws (247-FL and 248-FL) can really play an important role in the development of the economy and business of the members of our Association, in particular. The Association occupies a modest place among the organizations that take part in the assessment of the regulatory impact of the regulatory acts of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, and also, despite the fact that the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia sometimes manages to ignore its existence and avoid the necessary expert meetings, it still achieved some improvements in the development of domestic breeding and seed production, primarily vegetable crops.

Key words: Association, seeds, selection, seed production, order, project, requirements, federal law, control, supervision, message.

Leunov V.I., D.Sci. (Agr.), prof., Chairman of the Board of Directors AIRSC, professor of Department of vegetable growing, Russian State Agrarian University – MTAA after K.A. Timiryazev. E-mail: vileunov@mail.ru

Konovalenko I.M., executive director AIRSC. E-mail: info@anrsk.ru

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For citing: Leunov V.I., Konovalenko I.M. AIRSC’s contribution to the development of breeding and seed production in Russia. Potato and vegetables. 2021. No3. Pp. 3-7. https://doi.org/10.25630/PAV.2021.68.37.003 (In Russ.).

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