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Main topic

Malko A.M., Nikolaev Yu.N., Zhivykh A.V.,Gerasimenko O.A.

Activities of the consulting centres of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Rosselkhoztsentr» p. 3


Artamonov S.

Potato of Chuvashia. Present time and prospects of development  p. 7

Leaders of the branch

Tatarinov V.V.

Akhtubinsk district: leader without working hands p. 9

Serova A.Yu.

A job I love to do p. 10

Tyutyuma N.V.

Astrakhan science for real vegetable growing p. 11

Vegetable growing

Bernaz N.I., Irkov I.I.

The effectiveness of the minimum norms of Goal 2E on onions in an annual culture p. 13

Ostonakulov T.E., Muratov O.Kh.

Tomato varieties and heterotic hybrids for re-growing p. 16

Titov O.N., Murav’eva I.V., Azopkova M.A.

Cultivation of garlic planting material using organic fertilizers of the BIUD trademark and low-volume technology p. 19

Potato growing

BOMBARDA, CS: Colorado beetles and wireworms have no chance p. 22

Zebrin S.N., Gracheva I.A., Anisimov B.V.

Monitoring of original seed potatoes by method of field trial of samples p. 24

Shabanov A.E., Kiselev A.I.

Agro-ecological assessment of new generation potato varieties in the conditions of the Central Region of Russia p. 29

Breeding and seed growing

Tereshonkova T.A., Barbaritskaya I.V., Ognev V.V., Khovrin A.N.

Cherry tomato hybrids of the Poisk company in farms of the Rostov region p. 34

Kostenko G.A.

Late ripe hybrid of white cabbage F1 Atlant p. 37

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