How to reduce potato tubes damaging under machine technologies

UDC 635.21:631.358.44: 631.358.45

N.N. Kolchin, A.G. Ponomarev, S.N. Petukhov

Features of machine technologies of production of potatoes with the analysis of the damages of tubers arising thus and with an assessment of losses from their possible damages are considered. The ways of reducing the damage of tubers when growing potatoes by technologies with fewer overloads of tubers are shown. It is noted the use of different methods for assessing damage of tubers.

Keywords: potato, tubers, harvesting, mechanical damages, loss reduction.

N.N. Kolchin, DSc, professor, chief research fellow. E-mail:

A.G. Ponomarev, PhD, leading research fellow. E-mail:

S.N. Petukhov, PhD, leading research fellow. E-mail: FSBSI All-Russian institute of Mechanization (FSBSI FSAC VIM)

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For citing: Kolchin N.N., Ponomarev A.G., Petukhov S.N. How to reduce potato tubes damaging under machine technologies.  Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No3. Pp. 14-16.

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