Pink-fruited tomatoes growing in a farmer’s greenhouse in the Kayakent district of Dagestan

UDC 635.63:631.526.32-048.24:581.16.043

Ramazanov K.M., Fedorov D.A., Vorobyov M.V.

In the context of continuous improvement of technologies in protected soil, the tomato market is rapidly changing and dictates increasingly stringent criteria when choosing hybrids. The common characteristics of the created hybrids are early ripening, high yield and quality of fruits, as well as genetic resistance to diseases. In addition to the characteristics noted above, for a full comprehensive assessment of the production significance of a hybrid, indicators that determine the suitability of cultivation in various types of cultivation structures and crop rotations are very important: plant type, frequency of inflorescence arrangement, features of their structure, length and frequency of internodes, plant vigor, etc. Of great practical interest are the degrees of manifestation of these characteristics by vegetative plants under specific conditions of light, temperature and water regimes characteristic of various types of protected soil structures and the time of their operation. The article describes the experience of growing pink-fruited tomatoes in a farmer's heated greenhouse in the Republic of Dagestan. The rationale for choosing the variety is presented, the design and technological equipment of the greenhouse is described. Data on technological operations for caring for plants are provided, operations in the field of plant protection are listed, data on the fertilizers used, and irrigation strategies are presented. The timing and volumes of product receipts, sales prices and revenue of peasant farms for the growing season winter 2022 summer 2023 are described. It is noted that due to the peculiarities of pricing in the region, revenue may differ from day to day; maximum revenue occurred during the period of maximum collections and average prices in the first ten days of June. Getting more early produce (mid-May) is limited due to heating system limitations. It is recommended in the future to pay attention to domestic hybrids of pink-fruited tomatoes, suitable for growing in protected soil, with a ripening period from germination to harvest of 90-95 days, with a fruit weight of 120-150 g such as F1 Boyarin, F1 Voyage and other representatives of the Persianovsky hybrid series.

Key words: farm greenhouse, pink-fruited tomato, growing technology, greenhouse equipment, revenue.

Ramazanov K.M., agronomist, owner of greenhouse. E–mail:

Fedorov D.A., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), lecturer of the Department of Vegetable Growing, RSAU-MTAA. E–mail:

Vorobyov M.V., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), associate professor of the Department of Vegetable Growing, RSAU-MTAA. E–mail:

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For citing: Ramazanov K.M., Fedorov D.A., Vorobyov M.V. Pink-fruited tomatoes growing in a farmer’s greenhouse in the Kayakent district of Dagestan. Potato and vegetables. 2023. No10. Pp. 25-28. (In Russ.).

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