№1, 2020en

Editorial. p. 3

Leaders of the branch

Romanov T.S. The serious beginning. p. 4

News. p. 6

Chistik A.A. We are not afraid for the quality. p. 8

Vegetable growing

Virchenko I.I., Kostenko G.A. Improving the nutrition system in the cultivation of domestic hybrids of white cabbage. p. 9

Polyakov A.V., Alekseeva T.V. Efficiency of application of selenites in the growing season for enrichment of garlic with selenium . p. 12

Vasyuchkov I.Yu., Borisov V.A., Kostenko G.A., Uspenskaya O.N., Kolomiets A.A. Efficiency of application of fertilizers in the cultivation of F1 Kontinent white cabbage. p. 15

Bochkarev S.V., Meshkov Yu.I. Vegetable growing without insect pests. p. 19

Potato growing

Serderov V.K., Khanbabaev T.G., Serderova D.V. Cultivars of potatoes for processing. p. 24

Esenkulova O.V., Korobeinikova O.V., Maslova M.P. Yields of different potato cultivars and their damage by insect pests in the Udmurt Republic. p. 28

Breeding and seed growing

Piskunova T.M., Mytieva Z.F. The gene pool of a squash of the VIR collection for breeding on many fruits setting. p. 32

Ognev V.V., Geras’kina N.V. Initial material of eggplant and prospects of breeding in South of Russia. p. 35

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