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Main topic

Nazin E.I.

On guard of quarantine phytosanitary security of the country p. 3

Pulse of the State

Nekrasov R.V.

Development is a priority p. 6


Serova A.Yu.

For the import substitution in the Volga region p. 7

Work and decisions of AIRSC

Derbenskii V.I.

FSBI “Gossortcommission” as a deterrent to import substitution p. 8

Leaders of the branch

Romanov T.S.

A positive look into the future p. 10

Vegetable growing

Alekseeva K.L.

Biofungicides in vegetable crops of open field protection p. 12

Bernaz N.I., Irkov I.I., Azopkov M.I.

Features of Bandur herbicide on carrot crops application p. 15

Potato growing

Belov D.A., Khiutti A.V.

Modern phytopathogenic complex of potato diseases and measures to prevent their spread in Russia p. 18

Smirnov A.N., Vasil’chenko V.V., Amatkhanova F.Kh., Prikhod’ko E.S., Smirnova O.G., Kuznetsov S.A.

Potato diseases: challenge – response p. 26

Petrov A.F.

Improvement of potato production technology by optimizing the use of mineral nitrogen fertilizers p. 30

Breeding and seed growing

Kostenko G.A.

Combination ability of the new source material of cabbage p. 34

Grigolava T.R., Vishnyakova A.V., Monakhos S.G.

Towards isolated microspores culture of red beet p. 37

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