Breeding of cherry-type tomato with yellow and orange fruit colors for resistance to fruit cracking and fruit dropping

UDC 635.64:631.527

Titova E.V.

Fruit cracking and fruit dropping of cherry tomatoes is one of the main causes of crop loss. In addition to strict adherence to the technological regimes developed for tomato, the cultivation of varieties and hybrids resistant to cracking and fruit dropping can be a solution to this problem. The article presents the data obtained over 9 years of assessment and selection of cherry tomato samples with yellow and orange colors of the fruit for resistance to cracking and dropping of fruits under a harsh provocative background of uneven watering. The studies were carried out in unheated film greenhouses 5 light zone. The samples were assessed visually on a 6-point scale. As initial material 46 cherry-type tomato lines from splitting populations from Russia, Netherlands, Israel, France with different shades of orange and yellow fruit colour and different level of resistance to fruit cracking and fruit dropping.were used. The long-term individual selection has made it possible to create a collection of lines with fruits of various shades of yellow and orange colour with increased resistance to cracking and fruit dropping. 6 hybrids and 1 variety with resistance to cracking and shedding were created with the participation of selected lines. The data on cracking and fruit dropping in hybrids and parental lines were compared. This allowed us to draw a conclusion about the nature of inheritance of the resistance trait. In our opinion, there is an intermediate nature of inheritance. The description of F1 hybrids with increased resistance to fruit dropping and cracking is given.

Key words: tomato, cherry, yellow colour fruit, breeding, cracking resistance, drop resistance, inheritance

Titova E.V., research fellow of laboratory of immunity and breeding of Solanaceae, ARRIVG - a branch of FSBSI FSVC. E-mail:

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For citing: Titova E.V. Breeding of cherry-type tomato with yellow and orange fruit colors for resistance to fruit cracking and fruit dropping. Potato and vegetables. 2020. No10. Pp. 33-36. (In Russ.).


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