Cherry tomato hybrids of the Poisk company in farms of the Rostov region

UDC 635.64:631.526.32

Tereshonkova T.A., Barbaritskaya I.V., Ognev V.V., Khovrin A.N.

Poisk Agrofirm is actively involved in solving the problem of import substitution. Cooperation of the private breeding and Poisk seed company with such state scientific institutions as FSBSI FSVC, FSBSI Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology and others makes it possible to obtain science-intensive competitive tomato hybrids. One of the most important stages in the creation of professional tomato hybrids is their introduction into production. Under condition of strong competition from foreign seed companies, the quality requirements for the Russian hybrids and its seeds are very high. The Rostov region is traditionally one of the flagships for growing tomatoes in protected ground. A large part of the production of tomatoes is on the small farms. Requirements for cherry hybrids are high yield, fruit diameter more than 3 cm, weight about 30 g, firmness, bright colour and good taste. New line of the professional cherry hybrids of various shapes and colours has been created in the Moscow and Rostov Breeding Centers of the Poisk company. When creating hybrids, the mandatory components of the breeding process are the introduction of genes of resistance to 2-4 diseases into hybrids, selection for high taste qualities, transportability. The aim of the work was a comparative assessment of the yield and economic qualities of cherry hybrids of the Poisk agrofirm in the production conditions of farms in the Rostov region. Cherry tomato hybrids F1 Volshebnaya arpha, F1 Elf, F1 Krasny lukum showed good results in tests in 2019-2020 in 3 rotations in the farm of the Zaplavskaya village and in the ground greenhouses of the Krasyukovskaya village. The maximum yield in comparison with foreign standards was shown by the orange fruit hybrid F1 Volshebnaya arpha in all three rotations: (12.6 kg/m2 compared to the F1 Ira standard-9.3 kg/m2) in first, (19.46 kg/m2 compared to the F1 Ira standard - 9.7 kg/m2) in second, (13.83 kg/m2 compared to the F1 Maxic standard - 5.17 kg/m2) in third rotation. Overall, F1 Volshebnaya arpha and F1 Elf showed good competitiveness. Work on breeding will continue in the direction of a productive, diseases resistance, good taste and for long shelf life of cherry hybrids.

Key words: tomato, hybrids, cherry, greenhouses, Rostov region, variety testing.

Tereshonkova T.A., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), head of laboratory of immunity and breeding of Solanaceae, ARRIVG – branch of FSVC, tomato breeder of Poisk Agrofirm. E-mail:

Barbaritskaya I.V., agronomist-expert on tests of the Rostov Breeding Centre of Poisk Agrofirm. E-mail:

Ognev V.V., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), associate professor, director, Rostov Breeding Centre of Poisk Agrofirm. E-mail:

Khovrin A.N., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), associate professor, head of department of breeding and seed growing, ARRIVG – branch of FSBSI FSVC, head of department of breeding and primary seed production of Poisk Agrofirm. E-mail:

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For citing: Cherry tomato hybrids of the Poisk company in farms of the Rostov region. T.A. Tereshonkova, I.V. Barbaritskaya, V.V. Ognev, A.N. Khovrin. Potato and vegetables. 2020. No2. Pp. 34-36. (In Russ.).

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