Perspective selection of eggplant for the South of Russia

UDC 635.646:631.5:631.527

N.V. Geraskina, V.V. Ognev

The perspective directions of selection of eggplant for conditions of open and protected soil are presented. The perspective source material for different directions of use is allocated. The characteristic of perspective samples for use in selection is given. As initial material for breeding it is advisable to use the obtained varieties and F1 hybrids Eskimo, Caliph, Sword of the samurai, Goliath Dessert, Umka, Albion, new line material Kit 53, L 67, L 83, 85/17, 94/16, L 107.

Keywords: eggplant, selection, source material, variety, hybrid, open and protected ground.

N.V. Geraskina, PhD, breeder of Plant Breeding and Seed Center «Rostovskii», Poisk Agroholding, senior research fellow of Birutchecutskaya vegetable experimental station – branch of FSBSI FSVC. E-mail:

V.V. Ognev, PhD, the director of Plant Breeding and Seed Center «Rostovskiy», Poisk Agroholding. E-mail:

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Geraskina N.V., Ognev V.V. Perspective selection of eggplant for the South of Russia. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No6. Pp. 35-37.

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