Ways of watermelon growing for seeds

УДК 631.51.022–631.811/635.615

T.G. Koleboshina, E.A. Varivoda

Effectiveness of methods of growing watermelon table for seed purposes in the conditions of the Volgograd Trans-Volga region in 2015–2016 is evaluated. The importance of the use of growth regulators and methods of tillage on the yield, growth and development of watermelon plants and seed yield per unit area is shown. The optimal methods of seedbed and seed preparation for growing watermelon for seed purposes.

Keywords: watermelon, seeds, seed treatment, yield, growth regulators, soil treatment.

T.G. Koleboshina, DSc, leading research fellow. Е-mail: BBSOS34@yandex.ru

E.A. Varivoda, senior research fellow. Е-mail: elena-varivoda@mail.ru

Bykovo watermelon Breeding Experimental Station - branch of FSBSI FSVC

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Koleboshina T.G., Varivoda E.A. Ways of watermelon growing for seeds. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No10. Pp. 23–25.

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