Current trends in the development of potato breeding and seed production in Russia

UDC 635.21:631.53

Simakov E.A., Anisimov B.V., Zhevora S.V., Mityushkin A.V., Zhuravlev A.A., Mityushkin A.V., Gaizatulin A.S.

To overcome the dependence of producers on imports of foreign seed material, to meet the increased requirements for the consumer and table qualities of potato tubers and the structure of the intended use of the crop, priority areas for improving the selection and seed production of potato in the near and long term have been identified. The results of purposeful selection of new generation potato varieties of different maturation periods with specific parameters of economically useful features that determine their intended use in accordance with the requirements of the domestic potato market are presented. The proposed system of measures on development of selection and seed potatoes, facilitate the creation and use of potential native varieties, increase production of quality seed material of high seed standards. Among them: screening and constant updating of the gene pool, formation, replenishment and maintenance genetic collections of traits, development of a system of genetic and molecular markers of valuable economic traits, development of selection programs for breeding cultivars with pigmented colour of tuber pulp, high content of antioxidants and high nutritional value, development of effective methods and methods for growing high-quality seed potatoes based on the creation of source material free from viral, viroid and bacterial phytopathogens, development of adaptive resource-and energy-efficient technologies and schemes for potato seed production, protective equipment, machines and mechanisms that ensure the quality of varietal seeds, formation of a regional network of RAS institutions and agricultural enterprises for original potato seed production, allocation of special seed-growing territories with the cleanest phytosanitary conditions. This will speed up the transition of agricultural enterprises and peasant (farm) farms to use only certified seeds for planting at least 1-2 reproductions.

Key words: potatoes, selection, varieties, competitiveness, target use, quality of seed material, certified seed potatoes

Simakov E.A., D. Sci. (Agr.), head of the experimental gene pool department

Anisimov B.V., Cand. Sci. (Biol.), head of the certification and standardization laboratory

Zhevora S.V., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), director

Mityushkin A.V., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), head of the laboratory for selection of varieties for processing

Zhuravlev A.A., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), senior research fellow

Mityushkin A.V., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), senior research fellow

Gaizatulin A.S., research fellow

FSBSI Lorch Potato Research Centre

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For citing: Current trends in the development of potato breeding and seed production in Russia. Simakov E.A., Anisimov B.V., Zhevora S.V., Mityushkin A.V., Zhuravlev A.A., Mityushkin A.V., Gaizatulin A.S. Potato and Vegetables. No12. Pp. 22-26. (In Russ.).

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