Improvement of vegetable-growing technologies in open ground.

УДК 635.13:631.331

I.I. Irkov, V.A. Borisov

The article describes the features of modern vegetable-growing technologies in open ground. An analysis of a complex of vegetable growing machines is given and options for their modernization are outlined. The most optimal system of irrigation and fertigation, plant nutrition the use of complex machines and other mandatory elements of modern high-tech vegetable growing.

Keywords: vegetable-growing technologies in open ground, hybrids, seeds, fertilizers, food system, vegetable-growing machines, modernization.

I.I. Irkov, PhD, leading reasearch fellow, ARRIVG – branch of Federal Scientific Centre of Vegetable Growing (ARRIVG – branch of FSCVG). E-mail:

V.A. Borisov, DSc, professor, chief research fellow of the department of agriculture and agricultural chemistry, ARRIVG – branch of FSCVG. E-mail:

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Irkov I.I., Borisov V.A. Improvement of vegetable-growing technologies in open ground. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No10. Pp. 14–16.

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