Zenkor Ultra, СS for carrots protection.

УДК: 635.132:632.954

N.I. Bernaz, V.S. Golubovich

The results of studies for assessment the effectiveness of herbicides on carrot crops are presented. The optimal norm of of Zencor Ultra, KS application, its biological efficiency and safety of use are ascertained. Zencor Ultra, KS at an optimal rate of 0.5 l/ha is promising for use on carrots in the phase of three leaves clogged with sensitive species of annual dicotyledonous weeds.

Keywords: herbicides, norm, weeds, carrots, efficiency.

N.I. Bernaz, PhD, leading research fellow of department of agriculture and agrochemistry, All-Russian Research Institute of Vegetable Growing – the branch of FSBSI Federal Scientific Centre of Vegetable Growing (ARRIVG – the branch of FSBSI FSVC). E-mail: vniioh@yandex.ru

V.S. Golubovich, PhD, senior research fellow, department of technologies and innovations, ARRIVG – the branch of FSBSI FSVC. E-mail: vniioh@yandex.ru

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Bernaz N.I., Golubovich V.S. Zenkor Ultra, СS for carrots protection. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No10. Pp. 17–18.

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