The reaction of new potato varieties in compacting planting

UDC 635.21:631.543.2

A.E. Shabanov, A.I. Kiselev

The article presents the results of research on responsiveness of new potato varieties in the compacting of the landings on the yield and quality of products. Given the economic estimation of efficiency of seal landings in different conditions of vegetation of plants. The optimal density of standing for a number of varieties on sod-podzolic sandy loam soils of the Central region of the non-Chernozem region of the Russian Federation is recommended.

Keywords: quality, density, planting diagram, yields, quality indicators, efficiency.

A.E. Shabanov, PhD, head of the department of agro-ecological assessment of varieties and hybrids. E-mail:

A.I. Kiselev, PhD, senior research fellow of the department of agro-technological evaluation of varieties and hybrids. E-mail: All-Russian Research Institute of Potato Industry named after A.G. Lorch

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For citing: Shabanov A.E., Kiselev A.I. The reaction of new potato varieties in compacting planting. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No11. Pp. 29-30.

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