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Main topic

Features of use of land resources in agriculture and vegetable growing of the Russian Federation. A.F. Razin, R.A. Meshcheryakova, O.A. Razin, N.N. Lebedeva, T.N. Surikhina, G.A. Telegina P. 2

For breeding independence. R.A. Bagrov P. 10

State-private partnership: the future begins today. T.S. Romanov P. 11

Vegetable growing

Gladiator – a new dill cultivar. M.G. Ibragimbekov, A.N. Khovrin, O.R. Davletbaeva P. 14

Guarding the health of vegetables P. 16

Cucumber in the open ground: optimal growing methods. A.V. Konstantinovich, V.I. Terekhova P. 17

Diagnosing of carrots diseases using lamp of Wood. L.M. Sokolova, E.A. Sedov, S.A. Maslovskii, M.E. Zamyatina, N.A. Karpova P. 19


Methods and devices for an estimation of potato varieties and hybrids suitability to a mechanical harvesting. V.N. Zernov, S.N. Petukhov P. 22

Potato growing

Dynamics of Potato Virus Y disease on potato varieties in the field. Yu.S. Panycheva, D.M. Vasiliev, T.P. Suprunova, A.N. Sakharova, A.N. Ignatov P. 25

Storage of seed potatoes using chemical and physical methods of influence on tubers. S.V. Maltsev, D.V. Abrosimov, O.V. Abashkin P. 31

Breeding and seed growing

Production and phytosanitary evaluation of potato seed tubers obtained in the forest-steppe of the Altai Region’s Ob River area. N.V. Chevychelova, E.I. Sedykh, S.V. Zharkova, V.I. Leunov P. 35

Heterosis F1 hybrids of vegetable marrow. A.V. Medvedev, S.V. Kuzmin, A.V. Tikhonova, A.F. Bukharov P. 38

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