Chemical composition of Raphanus indicus depending on foliar treatment with trace elements

УДК 635.15:631.81.095.337

O.V. Eliseeva, A.F. Eliseev

This article presents the results of research into the influence of Raphanus indicus Sinsk. top-dressing with the solutions of chromic potassium alum and sodium selenite. It is demonstrated that the plants reacted differently on the top-dressing with chromium and selenium. Different reaction of plants was noticed in such quality markers as dry matter, dry soluble matter and ascorbic acid contents.

Keywords: radish, trace elements, chemical composition, chromium, selenium

O.V. Eliseeva, PhD, associate professor of Chemistry Department, Faculty of Soil Science, Agricultural Chemistry and Ecology, RSAU-MAA named after K.A. Timiryazev. E-mail:

A.F. Eliseev, PhD, associate professor of Olericulture Department, Faculty of Gardening and Landscape Architecture of RSAU-MAA named after K.A. Timiryazev. E-mail:

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For citing: O.V. Eliseeva, A.F. Eliseev. Chemical composition of Raphanus indicus depending on foliar treatment with trace elements. Potato and vegetables. 2019. No8. Pp. 18–20 (In Russ.).

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