City farming. Intensive Basil Growing Technology

UDC 635.713

Engalycheva N.A., Devochkina N.L., Engalychev D.I.

The purpose of the work is the selection of varieties, substrate, as well as optimal temperature conditions for growing basil on multi-tiered hydroponic plants in closed rooms. Scientific research was carried out in 2021–2022 on multi-tiered hydroponic installations developed and manufactured by Simplevit (IP Engalychev D.I.) in the village of Ilyinsky Ramensky district. The experiments were laid down in threefold repetition according to generally accepted methods. The material for research was 6 varieties of basil with green leaves of domestic and foreign selection (Marian, Gvozdichnyi, Karamel'nyi, Stella, Elidiya, Luchano). The multi-tiered LED hydroponic installation of the shelving type, with the help of which the research was carried out, has the following characteristics: simplicity, mobility, does not require soil, does not depend on seasons, climatic conditions, allows you to grow any plant varieties. Dimensions of the basic installation: length – 120 cm, width – 60 cm, height – 250 cm. The most promising varieties for commercial production of vegetable basil when grown on multi-tiered hydroponic plants in closed rooms are Gvozdichnyi (ARRIVG – branch of FSCVG) and Stella (Semko). The best substrate for growing basil on multi-tiered hydroponic plants indoors is a mixture of peat substrate Agrobalt-C (80%) and vermiculite (20%). In this variant, the yield increase compared to the control on the Luchano variety was 4.32%, and on the Gvozdichnyi variety – 4.27%. The yield in the variant with the use of mineral wool plugs was 32.97% lower than in the control variant on the Luciano variety and 40.16% on the Gvozdichnyi variety. At an air temperature of 24–25 °C, it is possible to obtain marketable products for 30 days from sowing, with a decrease in air temperature, the rate of passage of phenological phases decreases. Thus, when the temperature drops to 21–23 °C, the growing season increases by 3 days, and at a temperature of 17–19 °C – by 15 days.

Key words: basil, green crops, city farm, hydroponics, peat substrate

Engalycheva N.A., junior research fellow, Department of Protected Soil and Mushroom Growing. E-mail:

Devochkina N.L., D.Sci. (Agr.), chief research fellow of the Department of Protected Soil and Mushroom Growing. E-mail:

Engalychev D.I., research fellow of the department of industrial technologies and innovations. E-mail:

All-Russian Research Institute of Vegetable Growing – branch of Federal Scientific Centre of Vegetable Growing (ARRIVG – branch of FSBSI FSVC)

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For citing: Engalycheva N.A., Devochkina N.L., Engalychev D.I. City farming. Intensive Basil Growing Technology. Potato and vegetables. 2023. No3. Pp. 21-25. (In Russ.).

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