Cucumber in the open ground: optimal growing methods

UDC 635.63:631.546

A.V. Konstantinovich, V.I. Terekhova

The results of studies of the influence of methods of growing cucumber in open ground on yield and product quality are presented. A significant excess of yield and yield of commercial products when growing seedlings on the trellis is ascertained. The characteristics of hybrids suitable for cultivation for both the hobby and professional market is given.

Keywords: cucumber hybrids, open ground, yield, marketability of products, growing methods.

A.V. Konstantinovich, PhD, associate professor, head of vegetable growing chair. E-mail:

V.I. Terechova, PhD, associate professor vegetable growing chair. E-mail: Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Konstantinovich A.V., Terekhova V.I. Cucumber in the open ground: optimal growing methods. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No5. Pp. 17-18.

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