Garter and forming of tomato plants in spring greenhouses

УДК 635.64:631.544

V.V. Ognev, E.I. Korsunov

Garter and forming of plants of tomato hybrids with different type of growth in spring greenhouses are considered. The best ways of garter of plants with use of a garter pistol are revealed TAPETOOL and different types of twine. The optimum ways of forming of plants of hybrids with different type of growth are established.

Keywords: tomato, spring greenhouses, garter, forming, garter pistol, trellis, hybrids.

V.V. Ognev, PhD, associate professor, director of breeding and seed production centre Rostovskii, Poisk agro

E.I. Korsunov, postgraduate student, Donskoy State Agrarian University

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PDF (Rus)
For citing: Ognev V.V., Korsunov E.I. Garter and forming of tomato plants in spring greenhouses. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No7. Pp. 13–15.



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