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Editorial р. 3

Main topic

Klimenko N.N.

Vegetable seed growing: a further regress or development? р. 4

Monakhos G.F., Monakhos S.G.

Karlov G.I.

About a Genetic Passport р. 10

Derbenskii V.I.

There is a law, but there is no seed growing р. 12

Leaders of the branch

Volkov O.G.

Entomophagous organisms of potato and vegetables insect pests р. 14

Serova A.Yu.

A processing will be  р. 16

Kuznetsov A.A.

Ustyug Potato  р. 17

Vegetable growing

Borisov V.A., Virchenko I.I., Yanchenko E.V., Uspenskaya O.N.

Responsiveness of cauliflower varieties to the use of biocompost and mineral fertilizers р. 19

Potato growing

Shabanov A.E., Kiselev A.I., Solomentsev P.V.

Agrotechnological passport of the potato variety Azart р. 23

Skvortsov A.Yu.

Prestige preparation: made in Europe again. New application schemes: high-quality, efficient, profitable р. 27

Breeding and seed growing

Aripova Sh.R., Dusmuratova S.I.

Establishment of optimal terms and methods for growing seed fruits of the new line LZ-2513 squash in the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan р. 29

Antipova N.Yu., Kashnova E.V.

Sweet pepper varieties for Western Siberia р. 33

Ibragimbekov M.G., Davletbaeva O.R., Khovrin A.N.

Evaluation of new onion variety in a hybrid plot in the conditions of the Central strip of Russia р. 37

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