Pre-sale commodity refinement of potatoes and vegetable products: modern solutions

UDC 631.36

Mudrechenko S.L., Maslovskii S.A., Borisov V.A., Karpova N.A., Shapovalova P.N.

Pre-sale commodity refinement of potatoes and vegetables is an important element in the technology of fruit and vegetable storage. There are various options for pre-sale product refinement, the choice of a specific option is determined by the development strategy of the enterprise, the needs of the end user and the level of material and technical support of the organization. The development of engineering and technical solutions within the framework of the implementation of the investment project of LLC Vremena Goda provides for the layout of modern lines of commodity refinement of potatoes, table root crops, onions and cabbage, allowing to obtain products by dry and wet cleaning, peeling with slicing, chemical canning or sterilization of semi-finished products for catering establishments of various directions. The use of equipment from leading European manufacturers, such as Skals Maskinfabrik A/S, Martin Maq Engineering S.L., Ilapak Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, Eima Engineering GmbH, etc. it will allow producing a wide range of packaged, washed or dry-cleaned, fresh products of the highest commercial quality with high added value, as well as semi-finished products – purified fresh or sterilized products in vacuum packaging with additional added value. The adopted technical and technological solutions for the organization of the production process of the investment project of LLC Vremena Goda will reduce the amount of total product losses with an annual turnover of 90.7 thousand tons to a minimum of 6.5% due to the emphasis on the production of high-quality packaged products and processing into semi-finished products of 2–3 classes of commercial grades, non-standard and technical defects sorted during the commodity refinement. The calculation of the economic efficiency of the innovation project showed its payback period within 63 months. The estimated value of the IRR (internal rate of return) significantly exceeds the income on deposits as of 2021, which indicates the high investment attractiveness of the project.

Key words: potato, table root vegetables, onion, white cabbage, pre-sale commodity refinement, LLC Vremena Goda

Mudrechenko S.L., chief technologist of Vremena Goda LLC. E-mail:

Maslovskiy S.A., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), associate professor, RGAU – MTAA after K.A. Timiryazev. E-mail:

Borisov V.A., D. Sci. (Agr.), professor, chief research fellow, ARRIVG – a branch of FSBSI FSVC. E-mail:

Karpova N.A., assistant, RGAU – MTAA after K.A. Timiryazev. E-mail:

Shapovalova P.N., assistant, RGAU – MTAA after K.A. Timiryazev. E-mail:

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For citing: Pre-sale commodity refinement of potatoes and vegetable products: modern solutions. S.L. Mudrechenko, S.A. Maslovskii, V.A. Borisov, N.A. Karpova, P.N. Shapovalova. Potato and vegetables. 2022. No2. Pp. 17-22. (In Russ.).

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