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Editorial p. 3

Main topic

Mal’ko A.M.

Russian agricultural center: foundation, development, results, prospects p. 4

Klimenko N.N.

Conceptual foundations of the revival of breeding and seed production of vegetable crops p. 9

Masters of the branch

Popleva E.

Production is a creative business p. 13

Leaders of the branch

Tretyakova A.A.

Together we are one p. 15

Vegetable growing

Filrose N.A., Borisov V.A., Yanchenko E.V., Bebris A.R.

The effectiveness of the use of biocompost and mineral fertilizers for promising varieties and hybrids of table beet p. 16

Yanchenko A.V., Fedosov A.Yu., Menshikh A.M., Azopkov M.I., Golubovich V.S.

The use of polymer gels in the production of carrot root crops p. 20

Potato growing

Shchegorets O.V.

Potato growing in the Far East: formation, current state, prospects for innovative development p. 24

Breeding and seed growing

Bukharov A.F.

Changes in the parameters of seed productivity of pumpkin gymnosperms in the process of reproduction and selection p. 30

Simakov E.A.

Features of the technology of Ariel cultivar potato growing p. 34

Simakov E.A., Mityushkin A.V., Zhuravlev A.A., Mityushkin Al-r. V., Gaizatulin A.S., Salyukov S.S., Ovechkin S.V., Semenov V.A.

Selection of competitive potato varieties for various purposes p. 35

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