Potato growing in the Far East: formation, current state, prospects for innovative development

UDC 635.21(571.61)

Shchegorets O.V.

The dynamics of potato growing development in the Russian Far East is presented. On the basis of official statistics, the cycles of potato growing development are shown, the causes of the structural and sectoral crisis that has arisen: objective (the need for modernization and restructuring of production), subjective (inefficient forms of production organization, management errors), natural (due to climate features, floods, drought, which leads to a decrease or loss of crops), changes in institutional structures, reduction of production, growth of potato imports. The factors of innovative transformation of the potato growing industry of the Far Eastern Federal District are considered: breeding and seed production of highly productive varieties, modernization of production, introduction of the best basic and affordable technologies (NBT, NDT), introduction of modern scientific and production forms of the organization of production of «Far Eastern Potato Holding», optimization of focal potato growing in remote northeastern regions, this will allow to switch to full self-sufficiency of the population varietal variety of tubers for food purposes, technical varieties for the processing industry, it will expand the range, the radius of distribution of products with new consumer properties. A sharp drop in potato production in the last decade has caused the need for: the formation of an innovative potato industry; a change in the institutional system of potato production organization; the creation of a «Far Eastern Potato Holding» in the territory of the advanced development of Svobodny – Belogorsk; scientific and practical cooperation with the A. K. Chaika Federal Research Centre of the Far East, which will provide the branch seed production system with breeding varieties. Technical and technological transformation will unite all links of potato growing: seed production – production – storage – processing – sale. Convenient logistics hub: Trans–Siberian Railway, BAM, federal highway, river routes along the Zei, Amur – will ensure the delivery of food and seed potatoes to the Republic (Sakha) of Yakutia, Khabarovsk, Primorsky, Trans-Baikal Territories and remote areas of the North-East of Russia.

Key words: potato growing, yield, system-industry crisis, innovation, variety, seed production, biologized, the best basic technology, potato processing

Shchegorets O.V., D. Sci. (Agr.), prof., Far East State Agrarian University, department of common agriculture and plant growing. E-mail: ozir@dalgau.ru

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