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Information and analysis

Kornev A.V.


Butov I.S.

Vegetable and potato growing in Russia: results of 2023 р. 8

Butov I.S.

Market volume and tomato consumption in Russia р. 12

Work and decisions of AIRSC

Derbensky V.I., Leunov V.I.

Analysis of the current situation on the provision of seeds for vegetable crops in Russia р. 17


Butov I.S.

New tastes of Kuban р. 21

Leaders of the branch

Butov I.S.

Record year р. 25

Masters of the branch

Butov I.S.

The union of science and practice р. 28

Potato growing

Ryabchenko L.N., Krasnikova K.E., Fedorov I.A.

The effectiveness of the Arksoil preparation in the growing of potato mini-tubers р. 31

Fasulati S.R., Krivchenko O.A., Ivanova O.V.

The resistant potato varieties and less harmful insecticides against the wireworms р. 33

Shanina E.P., Klyukina E.M., Belyaeva N.V., Stafeeva M.A., Kelik L.A., Akhmetkhanov V.F.

Testing of potato varieties of different intended uses р. 39

Shabanov A.E., Abrosimov D.V., Solomentsev P.V.

Features of cultivation of the medium-ripened table potato variety Plamya р. 44

Vegetable growing

Gordeev R.V.

Silicon: increases the environmental friendliness of agriculture р. 49

Borisov V.A., Filroze N.A., Bebris A.R.

Varietal response of table beet plants to the use of increasing doses of mineral fertilizers р. 53

Gish R.A.

Scorzonera is a functional product and raw material for the production of phytonutrients р. 56

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