№10, 2020en


Guseinov A.A.
In the top five p. 3
Leaders of the branch
Serova A.Yu.
Dagestan has started on the path of import substitution p. 6
Tretyakova A.A.
Dagestan is a place of attraction p. 8
Serova A.Yu.
A visit that opens up a promising future p. 9
Tretyakova A.A.
Glorious anniversary p.12
Serova A.Yu.
A task number one – import substitution p. 14
Vegetable growing
Yanchenko E.V.
Persistence of modern varieties and hybrids of carrots and its dependence on the biochemical composition p. 16
Murav’eva I.V., Azopkova M.A., Polyakov A.V.
Detection of infections in planting material of winter garlic in vitro p. 20
Potato growing
Kuklina N.M., Gvazava D.G.
The best potato cultivars for Kostroma region p. 23
Chebotarev N.T., Shergina N.N.
Potato cultivation on soddy-podzolic soil of feeding crop rotation in the Komi Republic p. 26
Breeding and seed growing
Vanjushkina I.A., Miheev Yu.G., Leunov V.I.
Features of disease affected varieties and hybrids of carrots and beets created in the Primorsky vegetable experimental station in the monsoon climate of the Far East p. 29
Titova E.V.
Breeding of cherry-type tomato with yellow and orange fruit colors for resistance to fruit cracking and fruit dropping p. 33
Davletbaeva O.R., Ibragimbekov M.G., Khovrin A.N., Rubtsov A.A.
Ecological testing of samples of onion of domestic and foreign selection in annual culture in the conditions of the Moscow region p. 37

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