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Pashaev R.Yu.

A territory of development p. 3

Leaders of the branch

Tretyakova A.A.

An import substitution is a priority p. 6

Serova A.Yu.

MAPS company is a world-class enterprise p. 8

Tretyakova A.A.

Tomato paste – a new brand in the Astrakhan region p. 9

Dabishev Sh.M.

Levashinsky District is a leader in cabbage production in Russia p. 11

Tretyakova A.A.

Emphasis on domestic breeding p. 12

Serova A.Yu.

Cooperation is a tool of small enterprises development p. 13

Vegetable growing

Glinushkin A.P., Startsev V.I., Kartabaeva B.B., Startseva L.V.

Biological products: protection of vegetable crops p. 14

Devochkina N.L., Nurmetov R.Dzh.,Dugunieva L.G., Rubtsov A.A.

Comparative evaluation of methods of heat treatment of the substrate for oyster mushroom cultivation p. 20

Potato growing

Spiglazova S.Yu.

Bacterioses of potato. Is there a solution to the problem? p. 23

Egorov A.

Correct calibration solutions for seed potatoes p. 28

Breeding and seed growing

Timoshenko I.V., Geraskina N.V., Rubtsov A.A., Stepanov N.N.

Promising selection of onions in the South of Russia p. 30

Makarova E. L., Chistyakova L.A., Baklanova O.V., Bortsova Yu.V.

Variety study of parthenocarpic cucumber hybrids under conditions of the second light zone (Kirov) p. 33

Eroshevskaya A.S., Tereshonkova T.A.

Cherry and cocktail tomato hybrids evaluation for hybrid modeling for low-volume technology «Fitopiramida» p. 37

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