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Information and analysis

Butov I.S.

Potato growing in Russia: results of 2022 p. 3

Leaders of the branch

Tretyakova A.A.

Poisk company for farmers of Mari El p. 6

Ognev V.V.

Vegetable pepper: opportunities and prospects of culture p. 10

Popleva E.

From pepper to squash p. 12

Masters of the branch

Butov I.S.

A favourite hybrid p. 14

Vegetable growing

Sokolova S.B.

«Right» peat is a guarantee of a healthy seedlings p. 15

Spiglazova S., Kumov S.

Fungicide for farmers of new times. Healthy plants getting is easy! p. 17

Gish R.A.

The assortment of sparely distributed crops should grow!  p. 19

Asyakin B.P.

A protection of cabbage crops against the сruciferous flea beetles of the genus Phyllotreta with using the feed traps p. 25

Potato growing

Komissarova O.L., Derbenskii V.I., Kasatskii A.A., Paramonova T.A.

Compliance with quality standards for the content

of 137Cs in potatoes grown on chernozems of the Plavsky radioactive spot p. 28

Fasulati S.R., Ivanova O.V.

The resistance of cultivated and perspective of potato and eggplant varieties to the Colorado beetle p. 32

Breeding and seed growing

Chistyakov A.A., Solov’eva Yu.A., Monakhos G.F.

Creation of summer squash F1 hybrids based on gynoecious lines p. 37

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