The resistance of cultivated and perspective of potato and eggplant varieties to the Colorado beetle

UDC 632.938.1

Fasulati S.R., Ivanova O.V.

The Colorado beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) is the main specialized phytophage of potatoes and of vegetable solanaceous crops. In climatic conditions of the Leningrad Region, the pest is developing annually in one whole generation non-dependently from the air temperatures during the summer season. Due to the universally high number and harmfulness of the Colorado beetle in Russia, potato and eggplant cultures require a large expenditure of forces and funds for protective measures. This increases the importance of cultivating the pest resistant varieties of these crops. The resistance of different varieties of plants to the pest was studied in 2000–2022 on the potato plantations in the Leningrad Region and on the experimental field of the All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Protection. In special field investigations, there was conducted annually the artificial settlement of 15–20 varieties of potatoes and of 7–12 varieties of eggplant by larvae in I instar. In such experiments, the pest resistant potato and eggplant varieties were selected by the aggregate of bioecological indicators including the duration of the preimaginal development of individuals, the degree of heterochrony of the development of larvae, the percentage of survived larvae in IV instar and the percentage of emerging beetles in relation to the number of larvae in I instar. On the fields with a natural background of settlement by the Colorado beetle, the resistant potato varieties were selected according to the indicators of the level of the numbering of the pest in all phases and of the degree of damage of plants. It has shown, that the pest resistant varieties of eggplant are often revealing among them which belong to the Eastern-Asiatic subspecies of this plant (Solanum melongena ssp. orientale) and have an antocyany coloration of stems and leaves, and also among the varieties with white foetuses. Based on results of many-years researches, there was identified the pest resistant potato varieties Victoria, Gala, Ladozhsky, Liga, Nayada, Red Fantasy, Ryabinushka, Sirenevy Tuman, Fidelia, and the resistant eggplant varieties Vera, Vkus gribov, Dlinny fioletovy, Pushok, Snezhok, Snezhny. The named varieties can serve as the basis of systems of integrated protection of solanaceous crops that meet environmental safety requirements.

Key words: Colorado beetle, potato, eggplant, variety, resistance

Fasulati S.R., Cand. Sci (Biol.), senior research fellow, laboratory of agricultural entomology. E-mail:

Ivanova O.V., Cand. Sci (Biol.), senior research fellow, laboratory of agricultural entomology FSBSI All-Russian Research Institute for Plant Protection (FSBSI VIZR)

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For citing: Fasulati S.R., Ivanova O.V. The resistance of cultivated and perspective of potato and eggplant varieties to the Colorado beetle. Potato and vegetables. 2023. No2. Pp. 32–36. (In Russ.).

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