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Serova A.Yu.

There is an experience – there is a result p. 3

Tretyakova A.A.

Poisk company in Volgograd region p. 4

Leaders of the branch

Nazin E.I.

Phytosanitary shield of Russia p. 6

Serova A.Yu.

Caspian Agricultural Centre: science for production p. 8

Work and decisions of AIRSC

Romanov T.S.

Before it’s too late p. 10

Information and analysis

Serova A.Yu.

Work on import substitution continues p. 11

Tretyakova A.A.

Bet on domestic seeds p. 12

Vegetable growing

Peliy A.F., Nosov V.V., Sterkin M.V., Dubrovskikh L.N., Nadezhkin S.M.

Modern mineral fertilizers PhosAgro on carrot in the open ground of Non-Chernozem zone p. 14

Sakara N.A., Leunov V.I., Tarasova T.S., Nikolaev V.A.

The table beet in vegetable potato crop rotations in the south of the Far East of Russia p. 17

Poddymkina L.M., Bovykina N.V., Dorozhkina L.A., Larina G.E.

Biologization of tomato protection system in greenhouses p. 22

Adilov M.M., Rustamov B.A., Rustamov A.S., Amanova M.E.

Varieties and hybrids of red cabbage for re-culture in Uzbekistan p. 26

Potato growing

Demidova V.

SERKADIS® is innovative protection of potato from rhizoctoniosis p. 30

Clean crops – high yield p. 32

Shabanov A.E., Kiselev A.I.

Agrotechnological passport of the potato variety Signal p. 33

Breeding and seed growing

Chistyakova L.A., Baklanova O.V.

Parthenocarpic cucumber hybrids for farms of Russia p. 37

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