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Main topic

Factors which affect the effectiveness of pesticides p. 3

Perevertin K.A., Leunov V.I., Belolyubtsev A.I., Simakov E.A., Ivantsova N.N., Vasil’ev T.A.
Accounting for current and expected weather risks in crop production based on mathematical game theory p. 6

Masters of the branch

Butov I.S.
A new look at the branch is needed p. 11

Chistik A.A.
It is difficult to work, but we are working p. 12

Leaders of the branch

Pavlov K.K.
Cooperation is the way to success p. 13

Vegetable growing

Ognev V.V., Chernova T.V., Geraskina N.V., Avdeenko S.S., Kameneva V.K.
Technological specifics of growing sweet pepper hybrids in the open ground p. 14

Potato growing

Kuznetsova M.A., Denisenkov I.A., Rogozhin A.N., Smetanina T.I.
Anthracosis is a harmful disease of potato p. 20

Pelii A.F., Dubrovskikh L.N., Baikova A.O., Sterkin M.V.
Modern agrochemical product from PhosAgro is effective on potato in the Non-Chernozem

zone p. 24

Usanova Z.I., Pryadein S.E.
The effect of humic preparations on the productivity and quality of the crop of potato varieties with purple pulp of tubers p. 27

Breeding and seed growing

Bukharov A.F., Baleev D.N., Mavrina P.O., Kornev A.V., Eremina N.A.
Variability of morphological parameters of seeds in varieties of carrots p. 32

Antipova O.V., Davletbaeva O.R., Khovrin A.N., Ibragimbekov M.G.
Lettuce Poisk ST 16 for low-volume hydroponics in spring-summer rotation p. 37

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