The effect of humic preparations on the productivity and quality of the crop of potato varieties with purple pulp of tubers

UDC 661.162.6:633.491

Usanova Z.I., Pryadein S.E.

The results of studies with new varieties of potatoes in 2017–2019 are presented. on sod-podzolic light loamy well-cultivated soil in the crop rotation IP, Head of the Ankinovich farm. The purpose of the work is to identify the effectiveness of using humic preparations for foliar feeding of new varieties of potatoes with blue-motley and purple pulp of tubers when cultivating them using environmentally friendly technology. In three factorial experiments, factors were studied: A – varieties: Scarb, Severnoye siyanie, Ametist; В – background of mineral nutrition: 1– NPK for yield 30 t/ha, 2 – NPK for yield 40 t/ha; C – foliar top dressing: 1 – water (control), 2 – Gumatador, 3 – Gumat + 7, with a plant height of 15-24 cm and in the budding phase. The Severnoye siyanie variety has a blue-motley; Ametist – purple tuber pulp. The studies were performed according to existing modern methods. As a result of the study of growth and development features, no significant differences were found between varieties and variants of non-root feedings in the course of development phases. The difference in readings did not exceed 1-2 days. The use of humic preparations increases the daily growth of tubers, tuberization, the mass of tubers from 1 plant, the size of tubers and the yield of potato varieties. The highest yield increases are provided by non-root fertilizing with Gumat + 7: on a moderate background, the average for varieties is 5.63 t/ha (14.9%), on an optimal one – 13.55 t/ha (32.24%). The maximum yield, on average for 3 years, (62.4 t/ha) was obtained for the amethyst variety on an optimal background when spraying plants with Gumat + 7. Humic preparations increased the content of nutrients in tubers: on a moderate background, more Gumatador, on an optimal background – Gumat + 7. The Severnoye Siyanie variety had a higher content of dry matter and starch in the tubers, while the raw protein varieties were Skarb and Ametist under increasing NPK doses on optimal background.

Key words: potato, varieties, background of mineral nutrition, productivity, structure, crop quality

Usanova Z.I., Doctor Sci. (Agr.), professor, professor of the department of processing technology and storage of agricultural products, Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education «Tver State Agricultural Academy». E–mail:

Pryadein S.E. (responsible for correspondence), postgraduate student, FSBI HE «Tver State Agricultural Academy». Phone: +7 (910) 937-21-84. E–mail:

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For citing: Usanova Z.I., Pryadein S.E. The effect of humic preparations on the productivity and quality of the crop of potato varieties with purple pulp of tubers. Potato and vegetables. No6. Pp. 27-31. (In Russ.).


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