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Main topic

Shneyder Yu.A., Karimova E.V., Prikhodko Yu.N., Lozovaya E.N., Zhivaeva T.S.

Tomato viruses especially dangerous for vegetable growing of Russia p. 3

Leaders of the branch

Serova A.Yu.

Astrakhan region is among leaders p. 9

Chistyakova L.A.

“Fashion trends” in the cucumber market p. 10


Opportunities for development p. 12

Information and analysis

Serova A.Yu.

Each cucumber will have its own buyer p. 14

Gorbachev A.

About our common business p. 16

Vegetable growing

Vodanyuk S.A.

Domestic organic farming 2021: current state, problems, prospects p. 17

Maslovskiy S.A., Melnikov E.K., Khovrin A.N., Davletbaeva O.R., Ibragimbekov M.G.

Evaluation of lettuce in short-term storage when grown hydroponically p. 19

Peliy A.F., Nosov V.V., Sterkin M.V., Nadezhkin S.M.

The use of modern mineral fertilizers produced by PhosAgro to table beet in the open field in the Non‒Chernozem zone of Russia p. 23

Shabanova M.Sh., Magomedova D.S., Kurbanov S.A.

Eggplant: improvement of agricultural techniques p. 26

Potato growing

Zeiruk V.N., Vasil’eva S.V., Belov G.L., Derevyagina M.K.

Effectiveness of herbicides of JSC August company on potatoes p. 29

Breeding and seed growing

Dolgopolova M.A., Timakova L.N.

Creation of the source material of the table beet for breeding for split selection p. 34

Kolpakov N.A., Guseva K.Yu.

The density of planting mini-tubers on the yield of the first field generation of original seed potatoes p. 37

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