Main topic

Education of breeders in institutes of higher education and implementation of state breeding programs in Russia. V.E. Berdyshev, N.N. Klimenko, V.I. Leunov, V.V. Pyl’nev P. 2

Information and analysis

To Volgograd region for advanced experience. I.S. Butov P. 8

Leaders of the branch

We are open to collaboration. R.A. Bagrov P. 10

Government, science and business for the nation health. T.S. Romanov P. 11

Cooperation has prospects. A.A. Chistik P. 12

White cabbage: Russian hybrids have prospects. A.N. Khovrin P. 13

Masters of the branch

The market requires changes. I.S. Butov P. 14

Vegetable growing

Production of salads – the experience of Moscow region. M.V. Shatilov, M.I. Ivanova, O.A. Razin, T.N. Surikhina, M.V. Kuzyakin, E.S. Sokolova, V.S. Bukanov P. 15

Hybrids of onion, bred at Poisk Agro Holding, in annual growing. A.N. Khovrin, O.R. Davletbaeva, M.G. Ibragimbekov P. 18

Increasing of drip irrigation quality. S. Dordzhiev P. 20


A calm before a growth? P. 24

Potato growing

Vendetta®, CS will settle the score with potato diseases  P. 26

Dynamics of species composition of potato pathogens in the European part of the Russian Federation. A.N. Ignatov, J.V. Panycheva, M.V. Voronina, D.M. Vasiliev, F.S-U. Dzhalilov P. 28

Probation of potato varieties in the Astrakhan region. T.V. Boeva, Sh. B. Bairambekov, A.S. Sokolov P. 33

Breeding and seed growing

New forms of shallots in the North-East of Russia. V.M. Motov, A.V. Denisova, M.V. Motova, O.A. Cheglakova P. 36

The results of testing of radish cultivars and hybrids. A.A. Mironov, A.A. Ushanov, K.A. Egorov, A.E. Alexeev P. 39

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