Probation of potato varieties in the Astrakhan region

УДК 635.21(470.46)

T.V. Boeva, Sh. B. Bairambekov, A.S. Sokolov

For soil and climatic conditions of the Astrakhan region were identified promising, with high marketability potato varieties with high yields, consumer qualities and of interest to agricultural producers and further research: Gulliver, League, Red Scarlett, Jewel, Impala, Aksenia, Udacha and Red Sonya.

Keywords: potato, Solanum tuberosum, variety, productivity, quality, profitability.

T.V. Boeva, PhD, senior research fellow, Department of agronomy and land reclamation

Sh.B. Bairambekov, DSc, prof., head of the Department of agricultural technologies and land reclamation

A.S. Sokolov, senior research fellow of the Department of selection and seed production

All-Russian research Institute of irrigated vegetable and melon growing – the branch of FSBI «Near-Caspian Federal agricultural research center, Russian Academy of Sciences» (ARRIIVMG – branch FSBI «NCFARC RAS. E-mail:

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For citing: Boeva T.V., Bairambekov Sh.B., Sokolov A.S. Probation of potato varieties in the Astrakhan region. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No9. Pp. 33–35.

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