Breeding onions with resistance to downy mildew

УДК 635.25:631.527.56:577.21

G.F. Monakhos, S.G. Monakhos, R.R. Alizhanova

Fifteen homozygous for Pd1 downy mildew resistance gene onion lines were developed by hybridization followed backcrossing F1 Santero of downy mildew resistant onion accession of European origin and a collection of onion inbred lines from LC Breeding station after N.N. Timofeev. The resistant to downy mildew, caused by Peronospora destructor (Berk.), plants were selected in segregated populations based on disease resistance test and molecular genotyping using DMR1-marker. The lines with a mass of bulbs 100–120 g with high preservation, which can be used in the selection of F1 hybrids as paternal components.

Keywords: onion, downy mildew, Peronospora destructor, resistance gene, molecular marker.

G.F. Monakhos, PhD, general director, Limited company «Breeding station after N.N. Timofeev». E-mail:

S.G. Monakhos, DSc, head of the department of botany, plant breeding and seed technology, RSAU – MTAA.E-mail:

R.R. Alizhanova, postgraduate student, department of botany, plant breeding and seed technology, RSAU – MTAA.E-mail:

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Monakhos G.F., Monakhos S.G., Alizhanova R.R. Breeding onions with resistance to downy mildew. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No10. Pp. 38–40.

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