Development of domestic potato seed production: organizational structure and quality regulations (analytical review)

UDC 635.21:631.531

Anisimov B.V., Simakov E.A., Zhevora S.V.

The systemic development of potato seed production in Russia, improvement of the organizational structure and modern regulatory framework for quality control are presented. The organizational structure of seed potato production that developed in the sixties of the last century in the USSR included three main element: elite farms – seed farms – seed plots of farms that produced marketable potatoes. The Sortsemovoshch association participated in the organization of harvesting, storage and sale of elite and varietal seed potatoes. The network of specialized farms for the production of seed potatoes created in the early eighties allowed to increase the sales volumes of the elite to 100–110 thousand t. During this period, a radical improvement of the organizational and methodological foundations, technological processes and schemes of elite seed production was initiated and a significant increase in the production volumes of the elite of domestic potato varieties was achieved. An important role in this work was carried out by the All-Russian Industrial and Scientific Association for Potato Seed Production «Rossemkartofel», established in 1976 as a structural unit within the Ministry of Agriculture of the RSFSR. The association included Scientific Research Institute of Potato Industry (SRIPI), the breeding centre of SRIPI, Experimental Design Bureau, experimental stations and experimental-production farms SPIRI and over 50 specialized farms located in 17 regions and 6 autonomous republics of the RSFSR, in which about 80% of the all-Russian potato production was concentrated. In 1979, the primary seed production laboratories of the NIIKH formed seed nurseries for 44 potato varieties most in demand in production. The area under the potato super elite has increased from 149 ha to 495 ha, and the elite – from 382 to 1313 ha. Since the nineties, many elite farms have ceased to exist and the volume of elite potato production has sharply decreased. At the end of the nineties, the seed production system in Russia is gradually being built on the principles of market relations based on the legislative and regulatory framework in the field of breeding and seed production. The main advantage of the modern structure of seed production is that all three structural blocks of successive stages of production of original, elite and reproductive seed potatoes are interconnected within the framework of cooperation between all participating entities, including specialized organizations of science and business structures. Therefore, an increase in production volumes and a radical improvement in the quality of original and elite seed potatoes is becoming one of the key priorities for the stable and cost-effective management of the potato industry.

Key words: potato, seed production, elite, system

Anisimov B.V., Cand. Sci. (Biol.), advisor on the development of scientific and educational programs

Simakov E.A., D. Sci. (Agr.), head of the experimental gene pool department. E-mail:

Zhevora S.V., D. Sci. (Agr.), director

Russian Potato Research Centre after A.G. Lorkh

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For citing: Anisimov B.V., Simakov E.A., Zhevora S.V. Development of domestic potato seed production: organizational structure and quality regulations (analytical review). Potato and vegetables. No11. Pp. 29-34. (In Russ.).


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