Study of the influence of the microbiological preparation Slavol on the sowing qualities of nightshade crops

UDC 635.64:631.8

Dеniskina N.F., Gasparyan I.N., Dyikanova M.E.

Timely and proper preparation of seeds for sowing increases their germination energy and germination, improves plant nutrition and resistance to adverse conditions. Obtaining environmentally safe products is possible when using safe preparations, including those of microbiological origin. One of these preparations is the liquid microbiological fertilizer Slavol, which is used for pre-sowing treatment of seeds, root and foliar dressings. The article presents the results of studying the effect of the microbiological preparation Slavol (Agrounik LLC) on the sowing qualities of nightshade crops. The composition of the drug includes free-living nitrogen fixers, producers of auxins, cytokinins and giberrellin-like substances that increase plant resistance to stress and stimulate the development of beneficial microflora in the plant rhizosphere (Derxia spp., Azotobacterchroococcum, Azotobacter vinelandi); phytopathogen antagonists synthesizing antimicrobial substances, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and inducers of plant immunity, stimulate the growth and development of plants (Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis); phosphate mobilizing bacterium, which converts inaccessible forms of phosphorus into available ones, stimulates the natural immunity of plants (Bacillus megaterium). The research was carried out in 2021–2022 at the Department of Plant Protection of the RSAU – MTAA named after K.A. Timiryazev. To assess the laboratory energy of germination and germination, we were guided by GOST 12038–84. Crops studied: tomato, pepper and eggplant. Seeds were treated by soaking in a 1% working solution of the drug; in the control, the seeds were immersed in water. The exposition is 60 and 120 minutes. Examination of the presence in 4-fold repetition. Possible values were determined: germination energy (%), germination (%), seedling length (mm), root length (mm). In the course of the studies, a positive effect of the microbiological preparation Slava on the germination energy and germination of vegetable crops of the Solanaceae family was revealed. The maximum germination of meetings in tomatoes with an exposure of 60 minutes (100%). The germination of peppers and eggplants was at an exposure of 120 minutes and above 93 and 78%, respectively.

Key words: microbiological fertilizer, nightshade cultures, germination energy, germination

Deniskina N.F., Associate Professor of the Department of Plant Protection, Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy (RSAU – MTAA). E-mail:

Gasparyan I.N., D. Sci. (Agr.), chief research fellow of the Laboratory of the Geographical Network of Experiments, Pryanishnikov Institute of Agrochemistry. E-mail:

Dyykanova M.E., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), Associate Professor of the Vegetable Growing Department, RSAU – MTAA. E-mail:

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For citing: Dеniskina N.F., Gasparyan I.N., Dyikanova M.E. Study of the influence of the microbiological preparation Slavol on the sowing qualities of nightshade crops. Potato and vegetables. 2022. No11. Pp. 21-23. (In Russ.).

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